Monozukuri-A Celebiration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques 2019
Term 25th – 27th July, 2019
Admission free
* Material cost may be shared with visitors at some of demonstration workshops
Exhibition and sale of masterpices
Opening time 10:00~18:00 hours
* 10:00~17:00 only for 27th July
Venue TOC Exhibition Hall
●Grand Hall (Main Venue) ●Speial Hall  (National booth)
7-22-17 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3494-2177
Sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
Co-sponsored by Tokyoto Chusho-Kigyo Dantai Chuokai, Tokyo Ginoshi Rengokai, Tokyoto Ginoshi Rengokai,
Tokyoto Shokugyo Kaihatsu Kyokai, Tokyoto Dento Kogeihin Dantai Kyogikai and Tokyoto Dento Kogeishikai
Sponsorship by Tokyo Shoko Kaigisho, Tokyoto Shoko Kaigisho Rengokai, Tokyoto Shokokai Rengokai,
Tokyoto Chusho Kigyo Fukko Kosha, Chiho Dokuritsu Gyosei Hojin, Tokyotoritsu Sangyo Gijyutsu Kenkyu Center

Exhibition for all the Japanese Artisanal Technique in one place.
Refer to our following HP for the details for the exhibition such as floor plan, attending firms, programs etc.